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about me

Shae Neiberding



Born and raised in the country, I began working on my culinary craft amidst the warm ambience of small town bakeries. I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise each morning as I filled the display cabinet with freshly baked cakes and pastries. The aroma of warm bread being pulled from the oven as I meticulously placed each tray on display will always be one of my fondest memories. I took enormous pride in my work and in my role as an apprentice pastry chef. 


During this time I began to create custom made cakes from home, combining the skills I was learning as an apprentice with my creative flair. It started out as a hobby but I soon came to realise my true passion. In 2017 I completed my apprenticeship. Feeling competent and accomplished I began taking my cake decorating to the next level, establishing Iggy & Crumb in 2018. 

The business is named after my late son, Ignatius, and is an unyielding reminder that I have the strength and courage to persevere through hardships.

It's the same strength and courage that helped me cope with the death of my husband a couple of years later, and it's what I draw on today to help raise my two young children as a mother, a widow and a business owner. 


It’s my attention to detail and uncompromising standards that sets Iggy & Crumb apart from competitors.


My goal isn't to meet your expectations, it's to exceed them.

Photo by Ash Henderson Photography
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