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All of my cakes are priced individually and prices will vary depending on things like size, intricacy of design, number of tiers, decorations and labour. 


Below is a pricing guide to help with the estimated cost of a cake. I have only included prices for round cakes as those are requested most. Pricing for square or alternative shaped cakes are available upon request.

What's included in the price?

  • Cake size and height as requested.

  • Your choice of cake flavour and filling.

  • Your choice of semi-iced or fully iced buttercream or ganache in a colour of your choosing.

  • Masonite cake board.

  • Milk board transportation box.

  • Cake care instructions.

Cake terminology

Standard tier: Approximately 5-6 inches high.

Tall tier: Approximately 7-8 inches high. 

Double barrel: Approximately 11-12 inches high. (Pricing available upon request).

Portion guide

Wedding/Party:  1" x 1" x 6"

Coffee:  1" x 1" x  3"

Note: all serves are approximate as your cake may give fewer or more portions depending on who cuts your cake, and how.

Pricing guide

4"      standard: $110.00     tall: $160.00

5"      standard: $120.00     tall: $180.00

6"      standard: $150.00     tall: $200.00

7"      standard: $170.00     tall: $220.00

8"      standard: $190.00     tall: $240.00

9"      standard: $210.00     tall: $260.00

10"    standard: $230.00     tall: $280.00

12"    standard: $270.00     tall: $320.00

Note: the above prices are starting prices and do not include design, delivery or add-ons. 



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